Hotel Tiama


Assinie is located on the border of the Guinea Golf, 80km on the east of Abidjan and it’s the most popular seaside resort. It’s split in two different areas. One of the west side of the ocean is accessible by the road and another area on the east side called Assinie Mafia which is a peninsula between the sea and the lagoon is accessible by boat or canoe.

The Assinie beach used to be called Issiny and have fine beach sand where swimming is allowed. The greater particularity of Assinie is found on the other side of the beach, on the lagoon part. The Aby lagoon gives to the tourist a huge peaceful water plan where water sport and navigation can be easily done. With the arrival of 5 missionary from St Malo in 1637, Assinie was once the first contact point between France and Ivory Coast. Third port of the country in 1907, Assinie will slowly change to a resort area.