Hotel Tiama

Abidjan - The town

Located in the Plateau district, Hotel TIAMA is at the geographical heart of Abidjan. Plateau first Ivorian business center is at the intersection of two major bridges connecting Abidjan residential areas and industrial north to south. Abidjan is originally a small fishing village where people lived the Chaman. Surrounded by numerous lagoons, the city will then take the name Pearl of the lagoons. This huge lagoon network covers a large part of the Ivorian territory and enables rally by water from Abidjan, the city of Grand Bassam (first historic capital) and Assini, the popular resort of Abidjanaise bourgeoisie. In a city renowned for its dynamism, Abidjan provides comfort too rare in West Africa. This African metropolis supported by the economic power of the Ivory Coast, occupies a nerve emplcaement in the Gulf of Guinea with its deep water port, the largest in West Africa. The specific Attiéen climate south of the Ivory Coast is a mixture of equatorial and tropical climate where temperatures are around 28 in myenne & deg; C throughout the year.